Call for Reviewers


IAPSS Politikon uses a double-blind peer-review process for all manuscripts submitted, with two reviewers assessing the academic quality of every research paper manuscript. The reviewers are part of an extended database and they are responsible for reviewing manuscripts which fall in their own fields of expertise.

The IAPSS journals are among the few established journals that do not require a doctoral degree or senior researcher status for a peer reviewer but combine experience of the editors and the specialization and motivation of the reviewers to guarantee the quality of the peer review process. Please note, however, that undergraduates are only exceptionally accepted as reviewer candidates in cases when they demonstrate proven research record in their fields of expertise.

The best reviewers are eligible to receive a certificate of recognition and those who have contributed significantly over a longer period of time (at least two years) are listed in the IAPSS Academic Department Appreciation page.

Interested in being a reviewer for IAPSS Politikon? Then, please, submit your academic CV together with a list of your research interests/field of work in which you would be available to review manuscripts via e-mail to For any questions, please write an e-mail to the same contact address.