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The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a democratic organization representing students and junior scholars in political science and other related disciplines. The politically independent and non-profit association, which is run by students and junior scholars, aims to have global impact in the political science sphere. IAPSS seeks to strengthen the academic profile and skills of all members by offering various opportunities for development. With twenty years behind its back, IAPSS embraces six continental associations and a comprehensive network of members around the world.

About IAPSS Politikon

As a general Political Science journal, IAPSS Politikon (ISSN [online] 2414-6633) aims to contribute to the academic debate in all major subfields and neighboring disciplines (Human Rights, Law, Public Policy). The quality of each article is ensured by a double-blind peer-review process, handled by the IAPSS Politikon Editorial Team and researchers who are part of the journal’s extensive reviewer database. Multidisciplinarity, academic integrity and state-of-the-art academic publishing are guaranteed by the diverse background and expertise of the Politikon International Advisory Committee.

Open to submissions from scholars of all levels, IAPSS Politikon uniquely endeavors to lend a strong voice to students and junior scholars while retaining close links to established senior scholars through its International Advisory Committee. In order to facilitate reflections of junior scholars on the existing academic works, it publishes book reviews and review essays besides full-fledged research papers. To support the timely publication of important partial research frameworks and new data, it offers space for research notes that prioritize the novelty of data or of the theoretical developments over complex data analysis that may follow from them in the subsequent stages of the research process.

In addition, IAPSS Politikon benefits from IAPSS’ partnerships with other established political science associations – including the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR).

Thanks to IAPSS' Crossref membership, each IAPSS Politikon issue and individual published text receives a unique DOI (digital object identifier). In addition, IAPSS Politikon is currently indexed in International Political Science Abstracts, ERIH PLUS and J-Gate.

In 2020, IAPSS Politikon is publishing four more issues, reaching its fiftieth issue in 2021. In 2019, it launched its Best Article Award - all articles published in a given year are automatically considered for the award and the winner(s) is selected by an international Award Committee.

Testimonials on IAPSS Politikon from the 2020 Best Article Award Recipients

Francisca Sassetti (MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science): "I had never imagined I would have the chance to publish my first paper so early in my research career, much less winning Best Article Award. I attended IAPSS' 2018 Academic Convention in Singapore, where I presented my original piece of research. With some encouragement and great feedback, I submitted a manuscript to Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science as I had learnt it was a good venue for young scholars like myself wanting to publish their work.

From submitting the paper to being published, the process was a valuable learning journey. I was able to experience the process of academic publishing through a very supportive and professional team of editors and reviewers. They provided high-quality feedback on my manuscript with the aim of improving it in every step of the way, which allowed me to improve the rigour, validity and quality of my research work. This experience gave the confidence to pursue a career in research. I believe IAPSS Politikon is a fantastic journal for all Political Science young scholars like myself, whether they are recent graduates, current Political Science students, or working in research in academia or outside."

Luigi Cino (PhD, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa): IAPSS Politikon is one of the few international journals that allows young researchers to start publishing their research. At the same time, it is a serious journal with high selection and review standards, which selects excellent contributions and makes the journal one of the best in the political science area of study. For these reasons I decided to publish in IAPSS Politikon my paper on institutional change in Tunisia, which represents an adaptation of part of my doctoral thesis. The comments and opinions received during the review process allowed me to have constructive feedback, contributing to the development of the research, and to disclose part of the results of my research. Given the importance of the members of the selection commission, receiving this honorable mention was a source of great professional satisfaction and an unexpected recognition of my scientific production.“

Benefits from Advertising in IAPSS Politikon

IAPSS Politikon advertising partners will be able to:

  • showcase their mission and educational programs, promote current initiatives and disseminate project results
  • develop and utilize new channels of communication with potential students, colleagues, peers and partners
  • benefit from various networking opportunities
  • reach a new and truly international audience
  • familiarize themselves with the research interests and the work of promising junior scholars

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Contact Information

IAPSS Politikon Editor-in-Chief: politikonjournal@iapss.org

Website: http://politikon.iapss.org/index.php/politikon

[1] The “Partner’s Message” will be published in IAPSS Politikon upon approval by the journal’s Editorial Board. The latter reserves the right to refuse publication when the contents of the “Partner’s Message” are not in compliance with the journal’s mission, standards, practices and values. For example, the “Partner’s Message” might provide information on study programs, publications, projects and products promoted by the Sponsor. Events (conferences, summer schools, workshops, etc.) might be announced too if they are not taking place simultaneously with the IAPSS World Congress.