A Liberal Imperial Power

  • Lana Perić Carleton University
Keywords: American institutions, foreign policy, imperialism, liberalism, United States


The topic over whether or not the U.S. can be considered an imperial power has been largely debated over since the aggressive foreign policy tactics observed by former President George W. Bush. Since then, an anti-American attitude has had many accusing the U.S. of attempting to build an empire. The problem with many arguments is that they often inaccurately portray the idea of imperialism or the arguments are made with little understanding of the American institutions and how foreign policy is made. This research paper hopes to present the idea that there are various branches of imperialism to consider and that the United States have exhibited a liberal imperialist behaviour. To prove this thesis, this paper will show how the foreign policy system of the United States is altered to the external events in the world and that has assisted the United States in acting as a liberal imperial power.

Author Biography

Lana Perić, Carleton University

Lana Perić, 20, is an undergraduate student going into her fourth year at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is expecting to graduate in 2015 with an Honour's Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations and a minor in European and Russian Studies. She spent her third year abroad studying at Università Luiss Guido Carli in Rome, Italy, taking classes through their Masters in International Relations program. Her interests include foreign, defense and security policy, international relations and affairs, EU foreign policy, and gender and development studies within international relations.

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