Downward Mobility

When Social Lifts Change Direction

  • Maxim Chupilkin Higher School of Economics
Keywords: Capital Accumulation, Income, Inequality, Intergenerational Inequality, Social Mobility, Wealth


In this research note, a new direction in the study of inequality is being advocated. The current research in the field of social mobility is extensively focused on upward mobility and pays no attention to downward mobility. With the help of intergenerational wealth data, this contribution demonstrates the unexplained questions of downward mobility, shows the importance of studying children from both poor and privileged backgrounds and outlines possible research directions in the field. This research note is a call for action for scholars of inequality.

Author Biography

Maxim Chupilkin, Higher School of Economics

Maxim Chupilkin from Moscow (Russia), is an undergraduate student at New Economic School and Higher School of Economics. Planned year of graduation is 2020. He currently interns at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Moscow Center and works at The Political Economy research group. His interests include social and political anthropology, protest dynamics, democratic transition and wealth inequality.

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Chupilkin, M. (2019). Downward Mobility: When Social Lifts Change Direction. Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science, 41, 58-65.
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