“Not Here Nor Elsewhere”

The Local-Global Dialectic in Locally Unwanted Land Use (LULU) Campaigns; The Case of Italy


  • Paola Imperatore University of Pisa




frame analysis, LULU campaigns, model of growth, NIABY/NOPE, NIMBY


Over the last decades, several local populations throughout Italy have started to mobilize against the use of land to build infrastructure which is defined by its promoters as crucial to competitiveness in the global market. These challengers have been labeled by institutions and media as NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and egoistic actors who operate in opposition to the public interest. Local movements have created oppositional NOPE (Not On the Planet Earth) or NIABY (Not In Anyone's Back Yard) discourse to underline the local-global dialectic oriented toward broadly questioning the effects of globalization. Using frame analysis, this paper examines nine Italian LULU campaigns in order to investigate the presence of discursive strategies able to transcend the local dimension, the ability of the challengers to develop and spread a common key of interpretation to the different conflicts and, finally, the existence of recurring and successful frames despite the local peculiarities.

Author Biography

Paola Imperatore, University of Pisa

Paola Imperatore, 27, from Pisa (Italy), is a Ph.D Candidate at the University of Pisa. She holds a graduate degree in International Relations from the University of Pisa where she wrote her thesis on environmental conflicts and forms of protest practiced by local communities. She has additionally worked as a research assistant for various projects on the issue of social movements related with environment, city, refugee crisis and digital platforms. Her current research fields mainly concern environmental movements and LULU (Locally Unwanted Land Use) campaigns. She is also a member of OPI Social Movements, an observatory on conflict and democracy, as well as a member of Poli.Com where she worked on political communication across social networks during the Italian election.




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Imperatore, P. (2018). “Not Here Nor Elsewhere”: The Local-Global Dialectic in Locally Unwanted Land Use (LULU) Campaigns; The Case of Italy. Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science, 39, 36–63. https://doi.org/10.22151/politikon.39.2



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