Missing Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Greek-Turkish Securitizations and their Impact on Regional Collaboration


  • Luca Doll University of Copenhagen




Eastern Mediterranean, Regional Cooperation, Regional Security Complex Theory, Securitization Theory


Resource discoveries and an emerging maritime arms race in the Eastern Mediterranean have created incentives for an overarching security cooperation framework However, collaboration in the mentioned sectors remains absent and the former regional coalitions have been reconfigured. This article investigates why a lack of cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean persists. In answering this question, Securitzation Theory and Regional Security Complex Theory (RSCT) serve as a theoretical foundation. Building on the latter theories, seeing the Eastern Mediterranean as a regional security complex leads to the contention that if two or more units of this system securitize each other’s activities within the said complex, this will lead to negative ramifications on regional collaboration. The chosen case is the reciprocal securitization of Turkey and Greece in 2020. Finally, the case study reveals blind spots in RSCT and introduces a new concept to cope with these: the buffer subcomplex.

Author Biography

Luca Doll, University of Copenhagen

Luca Doll is currently working on his Master's Degree in Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Prior to moving to Denmark, he completed two Bachelor's Degrees in Geography and in Political Science at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. He also had the opportunity to study for a semester in Israel at the Tel Aviv University in 2019. Luca's academic interests include EU foreign relations, politics of migration, bordering processes, and the regional (geo)political dynamics of the Mediterranean and its surroundings.




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Doll, Luca. 2021. “Missing Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean: Greek-Turkish Securitizations and Their Impact on Regional Collaboration”. Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science 50 (November). Online:6-28. https://doi.org/10.22151/politikon.50.1.



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