Changing Incrementally the Academic Publishing Ecosystem

A South-North Collaboration – Reflections from Madagascar




academic publishing, decolonizing academia, diversity, inclusion, South-North collaboration


The global academic publishing industry, with its entrenched colonial practices, perpetuates inequality between the Global South and North. In this context, young Malagasy scholars face numerous challenges, including limited academic writing skills and a lack of awareness about international publishing opportunities. Moreover, asymmetric power dynamics, imposed by senior scholars, hinder their ability to publish and promote their work online while language barriers confine them to French-speaking journals, limiting global exposure and collaboration. To address these issues, the Economic Social Research Council-funded project Hybricon organized a publishing workshop during the conference called "Hybriconference" in Madagascar, fostering a unique south-north dialogue.  The event brought together global south and north scholars and editors, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange. It served as a model for mutually beneficial partnerships, showcasing the importance of inclusive publication practices. The initiative aims to decolonize the publishing ecosystem, emphasizing equity, diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality, and ethical responsibility.

Author Biography

Velomahanina Tahinjanahary Razakamaharavo, University of Reading

Velomahanina Tahinjanahary RAZAKAMAHARAVO is a Research Fellow at the School of Politics, Economics and International Relations (SPEIR) at the University of Reading where she is the Principal Investigator of the ESRC-funded project Hybricon studying the impacts of hybridisation processes on the local conflict trajectories in Madagascar. Previously, she occupied various positions at the following institutions: the Technical University of Munich (TUM), UCLouvain Belgium, the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, Uppsala University and Umeå University, and the Graduate Institute of Geneva. 



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Razakamaharavo, Velomahanina Tahinjanahary. 2023. “Changing Incrementally the Academic Publishing Ecosystem: A South-North Collaboration – Reflections from Madagascar”. Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science 55 (October). Online:84-87.