Revitalizing Conferences

Empowering Global Political Science through Inclusiveness




inclusivity, academic conferences, Global South scholars, Political Science, diversity


The 2023 IPSA World Congress in Buenos Aires showcased the transformative power of inclusiveness in academic conferences. While online gatherings have broadened access, this in-person event underscored the need for diversity and accessibility. Financial, visa, and language barriers often exclude students, scholars from the Global South, and marginalized voices. To address this, academic associations should actively involve students, provide travel support, and select conference locations thoughtfully. The IPSA Congress exemplified this approach, enabling students to organize panels and aiding Global South scholars through grants and regional collaborations. Such initiatives enhance the discipline's relevance, enriching cross-cultural dialogues and fostering equitable representation in political science.

Author Biography

Oleksii Zahreba, Université de Montréal

Oleksii Zahreba is a master’s student at the Université de Montréal in the Political Science program. Previously he completed the Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies at Burman University in the province of Alberta. He is a part of the Secretariat team at the International Political Science Association.  



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Zahreba, Oleksii. 2023. “Revitalizing Conferences: Empowering Global Political Science through Inclusiveness”. Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science 55 (October). Online:88-93.