Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

Politikon and Encuentro Latinoamericano (ELA) are peer-reviewed journals published by the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS). The former focuses on all general areas of Political Science and the latter on Latin American politics in particular. Both journals are open to all theoretical and methodological traditions and submissions from all over the world.

All the manuscripts received are evaluated by the editorial boards and by external reviewers. Academic excellence is a necessary condition for publication. The submissions are evaluated also on the basis of a proper use of terms, the quality of writing

In order to ensure a double-blind review process, authors are required to submit two separate files containing: a manuscript without any information susceptible of identifying the author/s; and title page, indicating the author’s name, position, short presentation of the author as requested by the Paper Submission Guidelines, article title and e-mail address. An insufficient level of anonymity may result in a delay during the review process.

Politikon and ELA receive submissions of original articles, research notes and book reviews.


By submitting a manuscript to ELA Journal the author must confirm:

  • The originality of the work.
  • That the manuscript was not published previously elsewhere (and is not under evaluation by another Journal).
  • That the author owns all the copyrights related to the manuscript (it is necessary to inform about co-authors).
  • If there is any conflict of interest.
  • The list of sources used.
  • The acceptation of the Journal guidelines and policies.
  • The publisher’s right to publish the manuscript in printed or electronic form, as well as to include the article in one or more databases.

Instructions for authors 

Submissions should be accompanied by an assurance that the manuscript has not been published, submitted, or accepted for publication elsewhere. Submissions, in an electronic form only, are to be sent to the editorial boards of Politikon ( and ELA ( Submissions linked to Latin American politics should be submitted to ELA.

Manuscript submission guidelines

A manuscript that does not meet the formal requirements presented in the Section ‘Required Paper Format’ of the online Paper Submission Guidelines cannot be accepted.

Politikon publishes all content exclusively in English; ELA publishes articles written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. However, abstracts for ELA articles should be written in two languages: one of them must be English.

The journals strongly advise authors to submit their texts to a proofreading process before sending them to the editorial board. Articles that do not match basic academic writing standards will not be accepted.

Copyright and originality of the offered manuscript
  1. It is assumed that the manuscript submitted has not been previously published. It is expected that the authors will inform the respective editorial board if the entire manuscript, parts of it or some relevant results have been previously published in a different publication. Should either of the editorial boards conclude that this condition is not fulfilled, the review process may be terminated.
  2. The manuscript submitted must be an original academic work. If that is not the case the author needs to provide information regarding all circumstances that could raise doubts on whether the manuscript is the outcome of original research.
  3. By submitting the manuscript the author acknowledges that after the publication by Politikon or ELA her/his work will be made available online at IAPSS website, as well as on the databases where the journal is indexed.


By agreeing to review a manuscript, the reviewer undertakes to:

  • Immediately inform the editor if there is a conflict of interest, and to ensure that all information related to/ contained in the manuscript remains confidential;
  • Let the editor be aware of all circumstances that could be a reason for rejecting the publication of the manuscript;
  • Evaluate manuscripts based on their content;
  • Write a review report by filling in the standardized review form provided by the Editorial Board;
  • Inform the editor in case he does not feel sufficiently qualified to professionally evaluate the manuscript or if he cannot elaborate in the review process for any other reason.


  • All articles published in this journal have been subjected to a detailed review process, which includes a first evaluation by the editor and a blind evaluation by at least two anonymous referees.
  • The Editor-in-Chiefs of the journal together with the publisher decide which articles submitted to the journal shall be published. They follow the policy of IAPSS and ensure there is no copyright infringement or plagiarism (as defined by the IAPSS Declaration on Plagiarism).
  • The editor evaluates the manuscript based on its intellectual content, regardless of the race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnic background, citizenship and political orientations of the author.
  • The editor, or any other member of the editorial board may not disclose any information about submitted manuscripts to any other person than the author, referees, other editorial advisers and the publisher.
  • The editor’s duty is to ensure just and relevant review process. The editor must refuse to take part in reviewing the manuscripts (i.e. must ask another editor or a member of the editorial board to manage the review and evaluation process), whenever there is a conflict of interest due relations based on cooperation or connections with any of the authors, organizations and institutions connected with the given work. The editor must require all contributors to specify all conflicts of interest and publish a correction if a conflict of interest occurred after the article was published.
  • The editor must not use unpublished materials from submitted manuscripts for own research without explicit written approval of the author(s). Protected information and ideas received during the review process must be considered confidential and may not be used for personal benefit. It is the editor’s responsibility to ensure that editorial decisions are not influenced by income from advertising, reprint and other commercial activities.


  • Politikon and ELA are interested in having the roles of the publisher and the editors well defined to ensure the autonomy of editorial decisions without any influence from advertisers and other commercial partners.
  • The publisher is obliged to archive the signed license agreements with the author, which guarantees the absence of conflicts of interest concerning financing of publication and research, as well as academic honesty.
  • The publisher coordinates the administration and functioning of the online facilities of the journals, and ensures their functioning in cooperation with the overall IAPSS website coordinator. Both journals have an advance access of 30 days to IAPSS members, after which the publisher shall ensure that there is open access to the respective issue of the IAPSS journal.
  • If any instance of plagiarism or any other scientific misconduct is discovered after the publication, the publisher, in cooperation with the editors, is obliged to adopt all necessary measures to either publish and announce a corrected version of the article or retract it from the publication.