Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief Anya KUTELEVA is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work intertwines international relations, development studies, energy security, and feminist-informed approaches to politics. Her research centers on the nexus between politics and sociocultural contexts in international relations and develops a cross-disciplinary methodological toolkit around the concept of discursive politics. She is particularly interested in politics in China, Russia, Canada, and the Central Asian region. In 2022, she joined the University of Wolverhampton (UK) as a senior lecturer in International Relations. Previously, she obtained a PhD in Political Science from the University of Alberta (Canada) and held a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia). She is the author of China’s Energy Security and Relations with Petrostates: Oil as an Idea (Routledge 2021) and published articles in leading academic journals, including Europe-Asia Studies, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Problems of Post-Communism, European Journal of International Security, and Energy Research & Social Science. To contact Anya, please use the following email address: politikonjournal@iapss.org.

Deputy Editor-In-Chief Sanet SOLOMON (née Madonsela) is a lecturer in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of South Africa (UNISA, Pretoria) and a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Gender and Africa Studies at the University of the Free State (UFS, Bloemfontein). Sanet is the Chair of the Emerging Scholars Research Committeethe of the South Africa Association for Political Studies' (SAAPS) and the Deputy Chair of IAPSS Africa. Sanet is an internationally published author, double cum laude graduate, and member of the Internatioal Golden Key Honour Society. Her research focuses on Africa and the Middle East. Her latest academic publication is a Springer Nature book chapter on the climate-security-nexus in Mali. To contact Sanet, please use the following email address: politikonjournal2@iapss.org.

Editor David PIMENTA is a PhD candidate in Comparative Politics at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and holds a PhD fellowship in Political Science from the Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal). Also, he is a Researcher at the Observatory of the Quality of Democracy (OQD) and a columnist for the daily national newspaper Público, where he writes on politics, international relations, and history. Previously, he held several management positions in different organizations. David’s research interests include comparative politics, nationalism, far-right politics, populism, ethnic conflicts, and geopolitics. 

Editor Kim Giang DO recently completed the Public Policy and Good Governance program at Passau University in Germany with a DAAD scholarship. Prior to her MA degree, she obtained her BA in International Relations at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, with a focus on security study. She was a research fellow for the EANGAGE program, a collaborative initiative between the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Germany), the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, and the Asian Vision Institute (Cambodia) designed to advance EU-ASEAN cooperation in areas such as security, diplomacy, and sustainable policies. Kim Giang is motivated to broaden her understanding of politics, beyond her expertise in foreign and security policies. She has expanded her focus and delved into sustainable development during her internships with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit and UNIDO. Additionally, she has served as a research assistant on diverse projects, encompassing a wide array of subjects, including the funding process for EU-ASEAN climate finance, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, and China's trade policy. 

Editor João Guilherme RAMOS is a PhD student at the International Relations Institute of the University of São Paulo (IRI-USP). He holds an MA from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and a BA from the São Paulo State University (UNESP). Currently, João is fully immersed in his research on foreign policy elites, with a particular focus on the correlation between elite formation in the United States and its impact on the country's strategic evolution after the Cold War. João's extensive experience extends beyond academia, as he has actively participated as a researcher in the third sector, notably contributing to the Latin America Security and Defense Network (RESDAL). Additionally, he possesses expertise as an intelligence analyst within the private sector. Driven by a keen interest in political elites, foreign policy, and international security, João aspires to provide valuable insights and foster scholarly discussions in these areas.

Book Reviews section Editor Bogdan OVCHARUK is a PhD student in Political Science at York University, Canada, where he is pursuing a dual major in Political Theory and International Relations. Concurrently, he is working towards a Diploma in European Studies, broadening his understanding of the sociopolitical landscape of the continent. His academic interests encompass Continental political philosophy, international theory, theories of rights and ethics, and the aesthetic approaches of the Frankfurt School to social critique. Bogdan's dissertation project involves an application of Gillian Rose's critique of neo-Kantianism to international theory, an endeavour that reflects his commitment to bridging philosophical thought with practical issues. In addition to his academic pursuits, Bogdan has professional expertise in the fields of human rights and peacekeeping honed during his tenure as a researcher and media worker amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict. To contact Bogdan about book reviews, please use the following email address: politikon.bookeditor@iapss.org.

Production Editor Janine MUSTER moved from Germany to Edmonton, Canada to complete her MA in Sociology. She still calls the Canadian Prairies her home. Here, she writes flash fiction and short stories. Currently, she is working on her certificate as an editor with the Simon Fraser University. 

Editorial Assistants:

Nzube CHUKWUMA is currently a PhD student in International Politics at Central China Normal University (China). He holds an MSc in Conflict, Peace and Strategic Studies from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (Nigeria). He has worked as a Research Assistant at the office of Professor Makodi Biereenu-Nnbaugwu at Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Nigeria) and as a journal desk officer at the Centre for Research and Propagation of African Heritage and Development (Nigeria). He has a background in Political Science with research interests in international politics, conflicts and peace studies, democracy, elections, violence, and human rights.

(Last updated: 15 September 2023)