Information For Librarians

We encourage research librarians to include Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science in their library's electronic journal holdings. By doing so, libraries can provide their patrons with access to cutting-edge research and diverse perspectives in Political Science and related disciplines. IAPSS Politikon's commitment to open access and inclusive publishing practices aligns with the values of many academic libraries, making it a valuable addition to their collections.

IAPSS Politikon is published using Open Journal Systems (OJS), an open-source publishing platform. This platform is well-suited for libraries that wish to support their faculty members in the creation and management of academic journals. By hosting OJS, libraries can provide a robust infrastructure for faculty-led journals, promoting scholarly communication and innovation within their institutions. OJS offers a range of features, including peer review management, article publishing, and indexing, making it an attractive option for editors and libraries alike.

By including IAPSS Politikon in their electronic journal holdings, libraries can demonstrate their commitment to supporting accessible, diverse, and innovative scholarship in the field of Political Science and beyond.