Peer Review & Research Transparency Policies

All the manuscripts received are evaluated by the Editorial Board and by external reviewers. We employ a rigorous and transparent peer-review process to ensure the quality and validity of the research. Reviewers are selected based on their expertise and provide unbiased and constructive feedback to authors. Reviewers' identities are kept confidential unless they choose to disclose their identities. Our editorial decisions are based on the quality and significance of the research. Editors make decisions independently, without any bias or influence. They follow relevant ethical guidelines and strive to ensure fair and unbiased treatment of all manuscripts.

In order to ensure a double-blind review process, authors are required to submit two separate files containing: a manuscript without any information susceptible of identifying the author/s and a cover page, indicating the author’s name, position, short presentation of the author as requested by the Paper Submission Guidelines, article title, and e-mail address. An insufficient level of anonymity may result in a delay during the review process.

IAPSS Politikon receives submissions of original research articles, research notes, review essays, and book reviews. IAPSS Politikon also accepts materials submitted in the form of interviews, pedagogical discussions, film commentaries, conference/workshop reports, and summary reports on research projects for “Conversations”, a non-peer-reviewed section.

No fees or charges are required for manuscript processing and/or publishing any materials.

The responsibilities of Editors as well as Reviewers are set out in the ‘Editors’ and  ‘Reviewers’ sections of the Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement as well as in the Reviewer Guidelines. A standardized review form is provided to the reviewers that contains the following questions (possible answers: [i] yes, [ii] in part, [iii] no) in addition to the request for providing general comments and, if possible, comments to specific points in the anonymized manuscript file:

  • The TITLE matches with the contents of the paper
  • The author(s) followed the proper structure in writing the ABSTRACT of the paper
  • The INTRODUCTION previews the main points of the paper
  • The list of KEYWORDS properly highlights the contents of the paper
  • The paper is based on sound METHODOLOGY
  • The LITERATURE REVIEW is adequate
  • The paper is based on sound GRAMMATICAL STRUCTURE
  • The ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS support the objectives of the paper
  • The TABLES AND FIGURES are properly placed with the appropriate sources
  • The paper HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE (please do a simple online search to find out)
  • The paper VIOLATES the IAPSS Declaration on Plagiarism 
  • OVERALL RECOMMENDATION (accept/accept with minor revisions/revise and resubmit/reject)

IAPSS Politikon encourages best practices with data sharing and disclosure of data in an open access format. The journal can publish supplementary material that allows the replication of results, where applicable. It is essential that the authors refer to data sources with the same rigour as they are required to refer to other sources. 

Last modified: 18 May 2023