Perspectives for a Social Integration of Human Rights in the Muslim World


  • Efrem Garlando LUISS University



Islam, public reason, Ummah, Ijtihad, human rights


Human Rights are defined as sort of humankind “Esperanto”, a neutral language able to promote the difficult task of dialogue across communities. When speaking about “Islam”, it is easy or generates a misunderstanding, because the word Islam does not refers to a monolithic entity: Ummah, the global community of all Muslim believers, is indeed plural and fragmentary from both a geographical and a cultural perspective. In the course of my essay, I will start from the work of John Rawls and Abdullahi Ahmed An- Naim, then focus on a new concept of Human Rights, stressing practical tools rather than hermeneutical ones. As a matter of fact this project should start within the Islamic world in order to be more easily accepted. Furthermore, it is necessary to firstly undertake this task there, so that it cannot be claimed to be the result of western cultural imperialism. The Islamic countries ought to rethink the idea of “public reason”, which must not be confused with the “reason of the sovereign” and should instead outcomes from the dialogue between people. This is possible thanks to a progressive rooting out of the traditional concept of Shari’a and a renovated concept of ijtihad, the concept of personal reasoning, so that the Islamic world can achieve a stronger critical sense towards itself and its religious dogmatism.

Author Biography

Efrem Garlando, LUISS University

Efrem Garlando, 23, is an undergraduate student in Political Science at the LUISS University, Rome. He is writing his thesis on the concept of peace in the Middle East considering the three main monotheistic religions in that area. Currently he is director of Luiss: Discovering International Organization – UNHCR in partnership with UNHCR and Luiss CROIE Centre of Research. His interests include security studies, political economy, conflict resolution and democratic transition.




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