Environmental Governance and Public Participation

  • Katerina Bozhinova American University in Bulgaria
Keywords: developed world, environmental governance, policy-making, public participation, Qualitative Comparative Analysis


Environmental sustainability is a complex term, characterized by dynamic interactions between human and natural dimensions. Policy-makers in the developed world face the challenge of balancing economic growth with citizen concerns for curbing human impact leading to environmental degradation. This thesis contributes to the investigation of environmental governance on local scale by assessing the quality of environmental decisions. It examines and compares how the involvement of interest groups and citizens into local decision-making structures promotes efficient environmental policies. By applying the crispy sets qualitative comparative analysis (cs/QCA), this study aims to indentify the conditions necessary and sufficient for formulating participatory environmental decisions. The results suggest that successful policy formulation is dependent upon the presence of governmental agenda-setting and multilevel governance. The findings outline good practices, which reveal how governments can organize and facilitate participatory decision-making to ensure legitimate representation of interests and, thus, reach consensus-based decisions, which then translate easily into policy formulation.

Author Biography

Katerina Bozhinova, American University in Bulgaria

Katerina Bozhinova, 23, is a graduate who received her Bachelor degree in “Political Science and International Relations” with honors at the American University in Bulgaria in 2014. She completed her Bachelor Thesis on Environmental Governance and Public Participation in 2014. Her interests include local environmental governance, policy-making, and comparative politics. This research was conducted as part of the final dissertation at the American University in Bulgaria. This author is grateful for the university support in accessing academic resources and would like to thank Dr. Cosmina Tanasoiu for her constant feedback, supervision and support during this process.

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Bozhinova, K. (2014). Environmental Governance and Public Participation. Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science, 24, 23-45. https://doi.org/10.22151/politikon.24.2